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About Endymion Farms

It started off as a dream. As long as I can remember I wanted a horse. I was 46 before I got my first and she was conformationally a sad representative of one. But I loved her. We lived in Burnaby and the only place we could afford the board bill was Cloverdale so much of the time was spent driving back and forth with little time to ride so the decision was made to move to the Okanagan. By that time my daughter had a horse as well and we started to take riding lessons.

I got really interested in dressage and driving and so my instructor broke my little mare to drive. Shortly after that she came up lame and was diagnosed with ring bone. As I am a very nervous rider and was now on the hunt for a horse that would be good to drive and do dressage, my sister suggested I look at Friesians. I had never heard of them. I spent the next weeks on the internet for hours. They seemed perfect! They were big, black with fairy-tale manes and tails and lovely feathers on their feet, they drove and did dressage. Best of all they were level headed with amazing work habits.

I heard about a three-year-old that had been a demo horse at Spruce Meadows. He did stairs, a teeter totter and been taught to roll on a blue tarp, bomb proof. He had been broken to drive and ridden a little. Just the guy for me. I drove out to Calgary and a few weeks later Sybran H Sport was on his way to me. Little did I know that within ten years he would be training at the Grand Prix level.

A couple of years later we added two mares from the Netherlands and the rest is history. All our breeding stock is Ster mares and are bred to approved stallions. As I began to find the cold winters in the Okanagan too cold to enjoy riding in the winter, we began to explore finding a place down south. As my man was born and raised in Ocala, a Florida boy we looked in that area. In 2012 we purchased 12 acres outside of Ocala and now haul horse south to ride in the warmth.

Truly dreams do come true!

About Our Friesian Horses

Although rare as a breed, the Friesian horse is world-renowned in movies, art and literature. Famous for its black coat, arched neck and flowing mane and tail, the Friesian is a showstopper. Our Friesians are raised by experienced staff to bring out the gentle and unique personality of each horse. Raising healthy, happy horses is our goal! Known for its elegant high stepping gait and gentle disposition, Friesians stand (on average) 16 hands high, with feathering on their lower legs. They are absolutely stunning to watch, yet make comfortable mounts for riders of all ages and experience levels.

Our horses are selected to complement each other to produce offspring that represent the breed standard, registered with KFPS, and offered for sale to select homes. If you are interested in purchasing one of our horses, please contact us to arrange a showing.

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