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Endymion Farms - KFPS Quality  Fiesian Horses
Endymion Farms - KFPS Quality  Fiesian Horses
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Binke Ster

Binke is currently training me. Having been trained by Corine Smith and Henk Glijn. He was shown fourth level and has won over 10 championships in the past years. He has won his freestyle at every show he has entered, and has won Reserve 2nd Level Champion at the BC Championships and Hi Point Freestyle Champion. More recently seen performing a Pas De Deux with Sybran H receiving outstanding scores from the Freestyle man himself Axel Steiner. Having been out of the show ring myself for 6 years with hip replacements we are now in serious training and looking forward to getting back in the ring View the pictures below of Binke or click play on the video player to see Binke performing at the BC Championships Summer Festival.

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Competition Results

2011DressageFirst - 2Kamloops Dressage Show2nd63.51%
2011DressageFirst - 2Kamloops Dressage Show1st67.03%
2011DressageFirst - 3Kamloops Dressage Show2nd64.84%
2011DressageFirst - 3Kamloops Dressage Show1st66.77%
2011DressageSecond - 2Vernon Dressage Show2nd63.55%
2011DressageSecond - 2Vernon Dressage Show1st66.31%
2011DressageSecond - 2BC Championships1st63.94%
2011DressageSecond - 2BC Championships2nd66.84%
2011DressageSecond - 2Alberta Provincial Championships57.63%
2011DressageSecond - 2Wester Regional Championships58.58%
2011DressageSecond - 3Vernon Dressage Show1st62.97%
2011DressageSecond - 3Vernon Dressage Show1st66.42%
2011DressageSecond - 3BC Championships2nd66.42%
2011DressageSecond - 3BC Championships1st67.02%
2011DressageSecond - 3BC Championships1st67.14%
2011DressageSecond - FSWester Regional Championships58.92%
2009DressageFirst - FSKamloops Dressage Show1st18.53%
2009DressageFirst - 2Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show1st65.83%
2011DressageFirst - 1Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show1st64.44%
2009DressageFirst - 1 Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show2nd64%
2009DressageSecond - 4BC Championships1st69.52%
2009DressageSecond - 3BC Championships3rd66.74%
2009DressageSecond - FreestyleBC Championships1st74.85%
2009DressageFirst - 1Kamloops Dressage & Hack Show2nd65.67%
2009DressageFirst - FSKamloops Dressage & Hack Show3rd64.84%
2009DressageFirst - 1Kamloops Dressage & Hack Show2nd64.33%
2009DressageFirst - 2Kamloops Dressage & Hack Show1st61.67%
2009DressageFirst - 1SIDA Spring Dressage2nd54.33%
2009DressageFirst - 1SIDA Spring Dressage4th61.66%
2009DressageFirst - 2SIDA Spring Dressage1st60.83%
2009DressageFirst - FSSIDA Spring Dressage2nd67.57%
2009DressageSecond - 4Kelowna Spring Dressage Festival1st67.143%
2009DressageSecond - 3Kelowna Spring Dressage Festival1st70.698%
2009DressageSecond - 4Kelowna Spring Dressage Festival1st71.905%
2009DressageFreestyleKelowna Spring Dressage Festival1st73.429%
2008DressageFirst - 1SIDA Spring Dressage1st55.66%
2008DressageFirst - 1SIDA Spring Dressage1st55.66%
2008 DressageFirst - FSSIDA Spring Dressage4th60.12%
2008 DressageSecond - 2Alberta Junior Riders Show1st71.35%
2008DressageSecond - 3Alberta Junior Riders Show2nd65%
2008DressageSecond - 4Alberta Junior Riders Show1st70%
2008DressageSecond - FreestyleAlberta Junior Riders Show1st70.357%
2008DressageSecond - 3Kelowna Spring Dressage Show70.83%
2007DressageSecond - 3Alberta Dressage Championships62.09%
2007DressageSecond - 4Alberta Dressage Championships67.38%
2007DressageSecond - FreestyleAlberta Dressage Championships68.28%
2007DressageSecond - 3Wester Regional Championships67.90%
2007DressageSecond - 4Wester Regional Championships68.09%
2007DressageSecond - FreestyleWester Regional Championships68.28%
2007DressageSecond - 3BC Dressage Championships56.27%
2007DressageSecond - 4BC Dressage Championships66.66%
2007DressageSecond - 3BC Dressage Championships63.02%
2007DressageSecond - 4BC Dressage Championships66.90%
2007DressageSecond - FreestyleBC Dressage Championships66.14%
2007DressageSecond - 2Vernon District Riding Club Dressage & Hack Show63.24%
2007DressageSecond - FSVernon District Riding Club Dressage & Hack Show71.25%
2007DressageSecond - 1Kamloops Dressage & Hack Show68.84%
2007DressageSecond - FreestyleKamloops Dressage & Hack Show71.90%
2007DressageSecond - 1Southlands Spring Dressage Classic68.15%
2007DressageSecond - 2Southlands Spring Dressage Classic62.16%
2007DressageSecond - 2Southlands Spring Dressage Classic67.56%
2007DressageSecond - 4Southlands Spring Dressage Classic63.33%
2007DressageSecond - FreestyleSouthlands Spring Dressage Classic69.78%
2007DressageSecond - 1 Kelowna Spring Dressage Show65.26%
2007DressageSecond - FreestyleKelowna Spring Dressage Show79.50%
2006DressageFirst - 1Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship65.42%
2006DressageFirst - 1Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship64.44%
2006DressageFirst - 3 Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship67.42%
2006DressageFirst - 4Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship65.83%
2006DressageFirst - FreestylePacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship70.71%
2006DressageFirst - 2Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show68.25%
2006DressageFirst - 3Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show66.57%
2006DressageFirst - FSVernon District Riding Club Dressage Show70.76%
2006DressageFirst - 1Kamloops Dressage Show70.74%
2006DressageFirst - 2Kamloops Dressage Show75.47%
2006DressageSecond - FreestyleKamloops Dressage Show74.25%
2006DressageFirst - 1Southlands Spring Dressage60.37%
2006DressageFirst - 2Southlands Spring Dressage57.64%
2006DressageFirst - 1Southlands Spring Dressage64.07%
2006DressageFirst - 2 Southlands Spring Dressage63.23%
2006DressageFirst - 1Southlands Spring Dressage65.55%
2006DressageFirst - 2Southlands Spring Dressage68.52%
2006DressageFirst - FreestyleSouthlands Spring Dressage62.42%
2005DressageTraining - 3SRC Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship65.83%
2005DressageTraining - 4 SRC Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship63.46%
2005DressageTraining - 3SRC Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship71.66%
2005DressageTraining - 4 SRC Pacific Regional Dressage / BC Championship68.46%
2005DressageTraining - 3Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show58.50%
2005DressageTraining - 4 Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show69.20%


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